Our People Work with You

Paul Weston

Senior Vice President, Regional Head

Andrew Blevins

Senior Vice President, Life Sciences

Robin Woodbridge

Senior Vice President, Head of Capital Deployment UK

Phil Oakley

Senior Vice President, Customer Led Development

Jason Longhurst

UK Head of Sustainable Investment & Partnerships

Caroline Musker

Head of Planning, UK

Ian Romano

Vice President, Head of Land & Development

Sally Duggleby

Vice President, Head of Leasing

Tom Price

Leasing Director

James Hemstock

Director, Capital Deployment

Gillian Scarth

Director, Capital Deployment

Simon Perks

Director, Capital Deployment

Jason Pickering

Director, Capital Deployment

Ryan Gordon

Director, Capital Deployment

James Straw

Director, Capital Deployment

Emily Bliss

Associate, Capital Deployment

Louise Sharp

Capital Deployment Assistant

Katie Wren

Administrative Assistant

Will Cassar

Associate, Customer Led Development

Danny Bostock

Essentials Solutions Manager

Karan Khatal

Commercial & Industrial Energy Sales Manager UK

Francesca Hawken

Marketing Director UK

Tom Osborne

PR Manager UK

Rebecca Duncan

Marketing Specialist

Melissa Brand

Director, Investment Services

Ji Young Ahn

Investment Services Analyst

Simon Cox

Senior Vice President, Head of Development Management UK

Mark Shepherd

Vice President, Developmemt Management UK

David Storer

Vice President, Development Management UK

Jamie West

Vice President, Project Management

Martin Cooper

Vice President, Development Management UK

Dave Mellor

Director, Development Management UK

David Ribbands

Director, Development Management UK

Tim Burn

Director, Development Management UK

Derek Lloyd

Director, Development Management UK

Rob Poole

Development Manager UK

Nicola Newland

Coordinator, Development Management UK

Stuart Davies

Vice President, Head of Asset Management UK

Steven Haddock

Real Estate & Customer Experience, Director

Darren Freed

Director, Real Estate & Customer Experience Lead

Clare Warnham

Finance Business Partner, Kent

Hannah Durling

Senior Accountant

Paul Johnson

Construction, Senior Manager Operations

Lee Early

Operations Construction Manager

Liz Allister

Real Estate & Customer Experience Manager

Milena Blair

Real Estate & Customer Experience Manager

Jugdeep Gill

Real Estate & Customer Experience, Associate

Sarah Stanniland

Real Estate & Customer Experience Coordinator

Danielle Cull

Real Estate & Customer Experience Coordinator

Nick Smith

First Vice President, Head of Legal

Kathryn Bird

Director, Senior Legal Counsel

Siobhan Mills

Associate Legal Counsel

Nyasha Munyoro

Financial Compliance Accountant UK

Mary Moakes

Legal Associate

Glenda Reid

Legal Assistant

Charlie Rickard

Finance Business Partner

Andrea Jenkinson

Finance Assistant

Julie Bunce

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Gemma Mills

Executive Assistant

Magdalena Chmielewska

Office Manager, London

Liv Bambury

Office Coordinator

Caroline Binns

Director, Marketing & Leasing


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