An enduring and longstanding commitment to sustainability and social value

We are a responsible business, committed to embedding sustainability into every aspect of our business operations: from the high-quality sustainable buildings we create to how we engage with the communities close to our developments. We are also a business committed to helping others start their own sustainability journey, which is why we work with our supply chain, customers, employees and local schools to help reduce our collective impact on the world in which we live.

Responsible Business Report 2018

Our responsible business report demonstrates all the things we have made possible thanks to our enduring and longstanding commitment to sustainability - a commitment that spans over a decade.

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To find out more about our approach to sustainable development, sustainable communities and sustainable travel here in the UK please click the links below.

Sustainable development

At Prologis, our commitment to providing the facilities our customers need to operate efficiently, is underpinned by our commitment to sustainability.
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Sustainable communites

At Prologis UK, we aim to use our sites and our expertise to create new learning opportunities for local people as well as to celebrate the heritage of our parks and enhance the natural environment.
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Sustainable travel

To help our customers reduce their operational CO2 emissions and to help their employees to save up to £1,000 a year in transport costs, we are setting up Green Travel Plans at our parks across the UK.  
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Sustainable Development

Built to stand out

Built on an urban brownfield site, two new distribution centres designed and constructed to our standard methodology, have both achieved BREEAM 'outstanding' accreditation.

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