We’re committed to providing young people who are interested in working in the logistics sector with the tools for a successful future. That’s why we’ve partnered with Goodwill Academy to deliver the UK’s first inclusive apprenticeship programmes in logistics.

At the end of their formal education, many young people with special educational needs face uncertainty about the future and limited career opportunities. Prologis’ goal is to create inclusive apprenticeship programmes that provide access to accredited training courses for everyone - enabling more people to acquire the skills and knowledge to pursue a career in logistics.

The Prologis Warehousing and Logistics Training Programme (PWLTP), based at DIRFT in Northamptonshire, is designed to provide young people with the skills they need to start and grow their career in logistics.

PWLTP has recently starting delivering new inclusive apprenticeship and training programmes for individuals with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), offering them a new pathway to employment in the sector.

The logistics sector currently employs over two million people, roughly 7% of the national workforce, with a wide breadth and depth of available roles.

The inclusive apprenticeship programme has minimal entry level requirements and offers learning interventions that cater to a range of neurodiverse needs - as well, the programme provides support to young people in securing a job.

Student Training at The Hub at DIRFT

By offering flexible learning through a blended approach of in-person and digital teaching experiences, students can gain access to a full range of learning techniques, including traditional study and tutor-based sessions. The comprehensive apprenticeship programme, spanning a period of 12 to 30 months, encompasses an array of courses, such as supply chain warehouse operative, transport and warehouse operations, and supply chain practitioner.

In addition to creating programmes aimed at providing specialised skills in logistics and a diverse range of career opportunities, our programmes also link trainees with potential employers at Prologis Parks, providing the next generation of workers and a pool of skilled individuals for our customers.

Our aim is to train over 11,000 people in the Midlands by 2026, with an ambition to extend our inclusive apprenticeship and training programmes to other areas of the UK where our Parks are based. We hope to continue empowering individuals to gain the skills they need to secure employment and create a better future for themselves.

To find out more about the PWLTP and the career opportunities available, click here.


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