Between our annual internship programme, the Prologis Warehouse and Logistics Training Programme (PWLTP), and our ongoing collaboration with schools and colleges, our commitment to furthering the careers of the future of logistics is embedded in the culture at Prologis UK.

Marking National Career Development Month, one of our current Nottingham Trent University (NTU) students, Niamh Phair, who I mentor, shared her experience as a Prologis UK intern so far, and how she hopes this experience will go on to further her career.

Before Niamh started her placement year, she remembers her lecturer speaking highly of Prologis UK internships; now she’s here, she can see why. Perfectly aligning with her degree in Property Development and Planning, she’s working as part of our Development Management team, learning all about forward planning, property design and layout, working with contractors and architects, and seeing the project through to completion.

Although only in the first throws of her work life, Niamh is given plenty of independence to pursue her own projects, especially in comparison to some of my peers in other internships. She’s currently working on the delivery of a recreational space at Apex Park where she gets to use her own initiative and ‘do what I think is right’. That responsibility has helped grow her confidence and has shaped her attitude to working in a way that she has never experienced before. Looking forward to her future career, Niamh knows that these 12 months at Prologis will have a long-lasting impact on how she approaches work and has taught her how to trust her instinct and make decisions.

What’s amazed Niamh about Prologis UK is the company-wide commitment to innovation. Whether it’s rethinking every phase of a building to reduce carbon wherever possible or changing its approach to fuels to make site cabins more sustainable, everything that comes out of the business has been strategically innovated. It’s no surprise that Prologis is the global leader in logistics property and for Niamh, so early on in her career, this first-hand experience is priceless.

Prologis 100

Aside from the work itself, this internship has shown Niamh what a good working culture really looks like. Lunchtime in the office is great as everyone is encouraged to go down and sit together in the canteen. This gives her the opportunity to get to know colleagues in different teams that she wouldn’t get the chance to speak to every day. Everybody is so friendly, especially encouraging Niamh to take part in Prologis100 ride; something she never would have done otherwise! This was a great opportunity to meet with so many new people from the various businesses we work with. It was certainly one of the hardest things she’s ever done, but was never once left behind. That attitude is what Prologis is all about.

Above all, this experience has really highlighted the vital role logistics plays behind the scenes. From the outside, it can be hard to see how integral it really is, but if it weren’t for the Prologis’ of the world, what would we have done through the pandemic, or even day to day? Niamh is from Ireland where they don’t have the infrastructure in place to support a large-scale logistics network, similar to what Prologis UK has created at DIRFT. It really goes to show why more people should be considering a career in the sector.

Would Niamh ever come back to Prologis UK? “I’d love to. Although I am working in the Development Management team, I’ve had so much exposure to all areas of the business; it’s fascinating to see how so many complex strands come together to create our logistics network, and so rewarding to be a part of it. I am excited to see what the rest of this experience has in store for me.”

From my own perspective, it's a delight to be involved in our internship programme. Watching young people develop their personal and professional experiences is hugely fulfilling. Thanks to Niamh for sharing her experiences! 

Prologis 100 Niamh


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