Sustainable communities

At Prologis UK, we aim to use our sites and our expertise to create new learning opportunities for local people as well as to celebrate the heritage of our parks and enhance the natural environment.

Education and training

Our approach to sustainable development offers educational potential for students of every age from primary school through to higher education. We work with a range of institutions on projects that include

  • Sponsoring curriculum-based projects and workshops run by the Eden Project that introduce pupils to concepts of sustainability in a way that is both relevant and exciting
  • Working with local secondary schools, colleges and universities to develop programmes focussing on sustainable construction that will complement existing courses and offer students an insight into our industry-leading practices
  • Taking part in shared apprenticeship schemes that offer young people on-site learning opportunities.  


Some of our parks are built on sites with a rich local history. We work with archaeologists to survey and excavate the sites and with local historians to research the more recent past. We then look into the best ways to commemorate the site’s heritage. These have included:

  • Commissioning public art
  • Installing on-site interpretation boards and heritage trails
  • Sponsoring the publication of archaeological findings

Working with the environment

The landscaped area around our buildings can provide opportunities to improve the ecology of the site or create new amenities for local people. Projects vary according to the nature of the development but may include:

  • Protecting and supporting biodiversity, for example, providing shelter and forage for species
  • Providing environmentally-friendly facilities for the local community. These have included a sculpture trail, country parks, sports fields and on-site triathlon events
  • Creating high quality open spaces across our parks with networks of footpaths and cycleways for both employees and local residents
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