Strategic Road Improvements

At the end of 2014, the Department for Transport announced that it would invest £15.2 billion in the strategic road network by the 2020/2021.

Recognising that nearly every economic activity depends on roads, the Government is using this investment to transform the road network in way that will support a growing economy. Works will include schemes to tackle congestion, improve safety and connect rail hubs, ports and airports.

Key infrastructure works near to Prologis schemes are shown on the property search map.

There are also further details shown below:

Key infrastructure near to Prologis schemes
Roadworks A45-A46 Tollbar End 
Timing: Under construction
Investment £100-250m
Benefiting Prologis Park Ryton
Description Replacement of the Tollbar End roundabout with a grade-separated junction, plus associated improvements to the neighbouring sections of the A46 and A45.
Roadwork A46 Coventry junction upgrades
Timing: Committed
Investment £50-100m
Benefiting Prologis Park Ryton
Description Upgrading the roundabouts at Binley and Walsgrave to provide separated junctions on the A46.
Roadwork M1 Junctions 13-19
Timing: Under construction
Investment £100-250m
Benefiting Prologis Park Pineham, Prologis Park Marston Gate, Prologis RFI DIRFT, Prologis Park Wellingborough West
Description Upgrading the M1 to Smart motorway between junction 13 (Milton Keynes South) and junction 19 (M6 Catthorpe interchange).
Roadwork M1 Junction 19 improvement
Timing: Under construction
Investment £100-250m
Benefiting Prologis RFI DIRFT
Description Reconstruction of the Catthorpe interchange linking the M1, M6 and A14.
Roadwork A14 Kettering bypass widening
Timing: Under construction
Investment £25-50m
Benefiting Prologis Park Kettering
Description Widening of the A14 to three lanes around Kettering between junction 7 and junction 9.
Roadwork A45 Development Link Road, Daventry
Timing: Committed
Investment £50m
Benefiting Prologis Apex Park, Daventry
Roadwork A38 Peddimore Junction Improvements
Timing: Committed
Investment £16m
Benefiting Birmingham International Gateway
Description Junction improvement scheme for the A38 north east of Birmingham.
Roadwork M1 J11a, A5-M1 Link and Woodside Link
Timing: Under construction
Investment £50-100m of govt funding
Benefiting Prologis Park Dunstable, Prologis RFI Sundon
Description A new junction 11A on the M1 north of Luton plus a road linking to the A5 north of Dunstable. This will effectively serve as a diversion for the A5 through Dunstable, allowing strategic traffic to bypass the town. The scheme creates the capacity for major development at Houghton Regis and the developer has agreed to provide part of the funding.
Roadwork M4 Junctions 3-12
Timing: Committed
Investment less than £500m
Benefiting Prologis Park Heathrow, Prologis Park West London
Description Upgrading the M4 to Smart Motorway between junction 3 (Uxbridge) and junction 12 (west of Reading), linking Reading and Heathrow.
Roadwork A45 Wilby Way, Wellingborough
Timing: Completed
Investment £6m
Benefiting Prologis Park Wellingborough West
Description Pinch point funding to improve Wilby Way junction.
Roadwork M6 Junctions 13-15
Timing: Committed
Investment £250-500m
Benefiting Stoke and Stafford
Description Upgrading to Smart Motorway including hard shoulder running.
Roadwork M25 Junction 30
Timing: Committed
Investment £50-100m
Benefiting Prologis at London Gateway Logistics Park and Prologis Park Basildon
Description Comprehensive expansion of the junction between the M25 and A13, including the introduction of free-flowing links for traffic from the southbound M25 to the eastbound A13.

For more information download the Department for Transport Road Investment Strategy: Investment Plan or visit the Department for Transport website.