Prologis Park Beddington

The place to be for industrial and logistics in South London.

Prologis Park Beddington will deliver 6 new industrial and logistics units, offering flexible opportunities from 13,820 - 146,120 sq ft.

All units will be ready for occupation in summer 2020 with the opportunity of early access for fit-out to get you up and running without delay.

Designed with your business in mind

For all the right reasons

For maximum flexibility
For business success
For operational advantage
For access to labour
For serving South London

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Park Services

We know you want to be free to look after the things that matter most. That’s why, when you move your business to a Prologis Park, we give you access to our dedicated Property Management Team and a range of Park Services designed to make life easier for you. From Park security and maintenance through to gritting the estate roads and helping you get employees to and from work, our team will help you take care of business and maintain your competitive advantage.

  • On-site security

  • Green travel plan

  • Dedicated CCTV

  • Maintained private roads

  • Community liaison

  • On-site parking controls

  • Snow clearance/road gritting

  • Maintained park drainage

  • Maintained landscaping

  • Park signage

  • Litter picking

  • Customer estate meetings

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  • Oliver Bycroft Vice President, Market Officer Phone icon+44 (0) 121 224 8736
  • Samantha Smith Agent Phone icon0207 182 2000
  • Jamie Hargreaves Agent Phone icon07468 711 232
  • Richard Harman Agent Phone icon020 328 9089
  • Alice Hampden-Smith Agent Phone icon07508 371 884
  • Dominic Whitfield Agent Phone icon0207 499 8644
  • John Madocks Wright Agent Phone icon07807 999 635