Prologis park services

Our customers can benefit from a range of park-wide services that we have designed to support their business operations

At Prologis, we aim to create a high quality working environment for all our customers.  Our buildings are on Prologis Parks, which we own, manage and maintain, so when customers move to one of our buildings, they can benefit from a range of park-wide services that we have designed to support their business operations.


We offer our customers a number of options to help staff travel to and from work.  Green Travel Plans encourage employees to share lifts, walk or cycle, while for those who drive electric vehicles we provide charging points.  We also work with local bus operators to run work buses, making sure that bus timetables co-incide with customer shift patterns.


We know how important site security can be for our customers and we take care to install the best measures for each Prologis Park.  These include on-site security teams and Police Community Support Officers, parking controls, Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems and site-wide CCTV.


We own and manage Prologis Parks, which means that we maintain the private roads, the park drainage and all the landscaped areas.  We install signage both for the park and the individual buildings and we take responsibility for litter picking to make sure that every park is an efficient, attractive place to work.


We design our parks to include plenty of open space, so that everyone who works there can walk, run, cycle or just take a break during a busy day.  Some of our sites also have country parks, which have become valuable amenities for our neighbours in the local community.

Working community

Working together can benefit everyone.  We arrange regular tenants’ meetings at all Prologis Parks, so that customers can share information and agree on a range of joint initiatives from sharing the cost of cleaning buildings to reciprocal car parking.


Green travel plan

A Green Travel Plan is run through a website dedicated to each individual park. Employees of participating companies are encouraged to join so that they can share lifts or find a companion with whom to cycle or walk to work.

Bus services

Prologis works with local bus operators to run a fleet of work buses, making sure that bus timetables co-incide with customer shift patterns.

Electric vehicle charging

Charging points are available for both commercial and private vehicles.


On-site security

Prologis has installed the best security measures for each park, including on-site security teams.

Dedicated PCSO route

Police Community Support Officers have been allocated to the site to reinforce the on-site security service for the benefit of customers and their employees.

On-site parking controls

Prologis controls vehicle parking across our parks to safeguard our customers’ security and maintain a high quality working environment.

ANPR control and regulation

Prologis has installed Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems at the park entrance. This can be used to record all vehicles entering the park or to regulate access, allowing entry only to vehicles that frequently visit the park.

Dedicated CCTV

An estate-wide CCTV system is in place to help safeguard the security of customers and their employees.


Maintained private roads

Prologis is responsible for maintaining the roads across the park.

Snow clearance/road gritting

An on-site service to keep the estate roads clear of snow, helping customers to operate efficiently in bad weather.

Maintained landscaping

Prologis is responsible for maintaining all areas of public open space on the park.

Park signage

Prologis has installed all signage for both the park and the individual buildings.

Litter picking

The park management is responsible for litter picking and emptying bins across the park to maintain a pleasant working environment.


Amenity space

Outside areas available for customers’ employees to enjoy during break periods.

Country park

Large areas of open space for everyone working on the park or living in the local community.

Fitness trail

A dedicated fitness area complete with outdoor exercise equipment.

Defibrillator on site (AED)

A defibrillator is available to customers for emergency use.

Working community

Shared external building clean

Prologis can arrange for a contractor to clean the facades of buildings on the park, with costs shared between customers.

On-site recruitment service

A dedicated service to help customers recruit staff for their operations on the park.

Customer estate meetings

Regular on-site meetings for customers, arranged by Prologis.

Community liaison

Ongoing liaison with the local community to address any issues and share information.
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