UK Customer Solutions: An extra level of service

Employment and Training

December 02, 2016

At Prologis we retain the ownership of our buildings, which means that we have a long-term interest in ensuring not only that they are maintained to a high standard, but also that our customers are happy and able to run their operations efficiently.

Wayne Porter

Since the beginning of 2016, Wayne Porter, Associate Property Manager at Prologis has been the first point of contact for customers across our UK portfolio. He explains what this means and how his new role helps our customers.

I am pleased to say that customers really value our new approach and I very much enjoy working with them

Whatever a customer needs, they can call me.
My job is UK Customer Solutions, which means that I work with each of our customers to help them to look after their buildings in compliance with their lease. I am also the intermediary between the customers and the rest of the UK team. So, if a customer needs a building alteration, a lease renewal or even a new building, they get in touch with me and I will bring in the best people to help them.

So far, so good. I have been working in my new role since January and it is going well. Before I started in UK Customer Solutions, customers often had several contacts at Prologis and sometimes they were uncertain who to call if they need some advice. Now, they just have one point of contact and this helps make their job much easier.

My role complements the Global Customer Solutions (GCS) team. While our GCS team works with the decision-makers in international companies, I deal with the warehouse managers and estates teams in the UK. My role is particularly important for companies who are new to this market and are not familiar with UK leases. For them, it is helpful to have someone like me on the ground to help them understand the different processes.

I provide an extra level of service that can make all the difference to our customers.To give you an example, the contractor who was cleaning the external cladding of one of our buildings at Prologis Park Coventry noticed some cut edge corrosion on the roof. The contractor told our customer about the problem and quoted £90,000 for repairs. When the contractor let me know about the situation, I asked them and the customer to wait until I had spoken to Tata Steel, which had supplied the roof and provided a warranty. Tata Steel examined the cut edge corrosion and confirmed that it would carry out the work free of charge, saving the customer £90,000.

Learning the Italian way.
One of the benefits of being a global company is that we can learn from our colleagues in other countries and share best practice. I recently spent a week with the Property Management team in Italy and my colleague - Davide Rosina who is based in Bologna – spent a week here. We operate using the same standards and procedures, so there was much that was familiar, but there were also some interesting differences, particularly in the way we work with our customers.

We aim to improve our customer service continuously and there is always a lot to learn. But, I am pleased to say that customers really value our new approach and I very much enjoy working with them.