Road names at Prologis RFI DIRFT


As the initial phase of infrastructure work at Prologis RFI DIRFT reaches completion and the first buildings start on site, Prologis has agreed names for three main roads with Daventry District Council. Some of these names reflect the history of the site and the main spine road of the estate has been named to serve a practical purpose.

“The main estate road will be called DIRFT Drive,” said Phil Oakley, Director, Prologis UK. “I realise this sounds unimaginative, but has been chosen for a very good reason. The local villages see ‘lost’ HGV’s from time to time, so we think DIRFT Drive will help visitors find the site more easily.”

The other two road names recall the recent history of the site and the more ancient past. Aerial Avenue refers back to the time when the new phase of DIRFT was the Rugby Radio Station site. While Shenley Way, is named after Shenley Farm that was once part of the site.

As the extensive archaeological work at DIRFT has shown, the site has a long history. Shenley Farm was once an Anglo Saxon settlement in an area of woodland, situated close to Watling Street – now the A5 - which runs parallel to and through DIRFT.

So, as we take the site forward into the next chapter of its story, we are also commemorating its past.
Progress on the newly named 'DIRFT Drive'