Record carbon reductions at Prologis UK

Sustainable Development

Since 2010, Prologis has measured, reduced and mitigated the carbon emissions embodied in the structure and fabric of our new buildings as part of the UK sustainable development strategy. At the same time, we aim to cut the carbon footprint of our own operations in Solihull and London by 5 percent a year.

We work hard to meet our operational commitment, so we were delighted to learn that for the year ending December 2016, we had reduced our carbon footprint by 20.8 percent per employee and 16.9 percent overall in comparison with the same period in 2015.

For our buildings, Planet First monitors the carbon reduction programme, it validates each carbon footprint report and certifies that every stage has been successfully completed. The same process is applied to our offices.

Sustainability Champion Julie Bunce receives the Planet Mark Sustainability Certificate

Our in-house carbon reduction initiative is managed by a Green Group of employees and as sustainability champion Julie Bunce, said: 

“Everyone at Prologis UK has been involved in cutting carbon emissions and we have found that taking relatively simple steps, such as using video conferencing for meetings to save air travel, turning laptops off at night and using blinds to control light and heat, can make a real difference.”

We have reduced all reported carbon related activities and it is worth noting that while we were putting these cuts in place, the business was expanding.

This is a tremendous achievement, but the programme carries on. During 2017, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint by a further 5 percent and to achieve this we are looking at new measures to further increase our carbon efficiency.