Introducing Prologis Review, Summer 2016

Industry Trends

August 16, 2016

For the latest Prologis Insight, Intelligence and Innovation read the latest copy of Prologis Review, Summer 2016.

With insights into the influence of ecommerce on building design, details on the innovative ways we are working to protect the Amazon rainforest and much much more about the ever changing logistics industry, it’s one not to miss. In this issue:

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Summer 2015

Feature articles include:

  • Logistics creates jobs
  • Successful speculation
  • Driving Growth in the West Midlands
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Winter 2014

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  • Prologis expands in London and the South East
  • Ground Breaking Update
  • Future-proof Logistics
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Summer 2014

Feature articles include:

  • Grasscrete, table tennis - and a lot of hard work
  • Changing the game More than speculation
  • Global scope: Local success Not just logistics
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