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Some people might question the benefit of moving to a Prologis Park. They might think that the building is all important and what goes on outside is irrelevant. We would agree that the right building is essential for maximum efficiency, but we would also argue that a well-managed park can be critical to operational success. For this reason, we prefer to develop Prologis Parks rather than stand-alone buildings and to help our customers, we offer a range of park services run by our in-house property management team.

Efficient operations

Security can be seen as an unnecessary expense, but we take care to install the best options for each park and these can prove invaluable. Airline caterer Gate Gourmet, for example, has a large flight assembly centre at Prologis Park Heathrow. All Gate Gourmet’s deliveries are time critical, so when the main entrance to the park was closed by police attending a nearby road accident, the potential damage to its business was immense.

Fortunately, Prologis Park Heathrow has a strong on-site security team, which liaised with both the occupiers and the police. The team was able to agree with the police that a secondary access could be opened for priority vehicles. As a result, Gate Gourmet was able to use this alternative access and the impact of the road closure was minimal.

Travelling to work

Another advantage for companies operating from a Prologis Park is that we offer a range of services that helps staff travel to and from work. Green travel plans encourage employees to car-share and dedicated bus services are proving to be a great success.

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For the first two years of Prologis Park Pineham, we funded a fleet of works buses, liaising with customers and Stagecoach to make sure that the bus timetable co-incided with customer shift patterns. The service became so popular that after two years, it became self-financing. But we understand that shifts can change, so we still work with both Stagecoach and the occupiers to ensure that the bus timetable continues to fit with the operations on the park.

Working community

Working together across the parks can offer many different benefits from sharing the costs of cleaning buildings to reciprocal car parking. We run regular tenants meetings and these provide a useful forum for customers to discuss the best ways to work together.

Customers on the same park often have similar peak periods and to streamline hiring staff for these busy times, they can join forces to bring in a single recruitment agency to co-ordinate a site-wide recruitment drive.

Attractive place to work and relax

Because we own Prologis Parks, we maintain the private roads, the park drainage and all the landscaped areas. Where possible, we include footpaths and cycleways within the public open spaces and at some sites we include country parks that are open to everyone who lives and works locally.

At Prologis Park Kettering, we have created the 90 acre Linear Park, where new planting and careful monitoring of the wildlife habitats are helping to increase the area’s biodiversity. A network of paths for walking and cycling means that people can use the park all year round and employees at Prologis Park seem to enjoy having this amenity on their doorstep. Workers at Oxford University Press started a lunchtime walking group and this has been so successful that OUP has encouraged everyone on the park to join them.

There are a great many other benefits to working on a Prologis Park, you can read more by downloading our Park Services brochure or contacting Wayne Porter.
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