Creating a community garden


Although it is a global business, Prologis cares about its local community

Tim Andrews, LoveBrum

Last November, shivering as an icy wind whipped across Uplands Allotments, I thought Prologis had taken on an impossible task. As it turns out, I was wrong. Six months later, we had turned three overgrown allotments at the entrance of the site into a community garden, which was officially opened by the Lord Mayor of Birmingham in July as part of Handsworth Wood in Bloom.

What a difference a day makes: Before and after images showing the transformation of the allotments

Prologis had been introduced to the Uplands Allotments Cooperative Association (UACA) by LoveBrum, a Birmingham charity that supports local people and businesses. We are a patron of LoveBrum and when we started thinking about our annual day of community service for 2017, we asked it to suggest a project where we could make useful a contribution.

We started working with the UACA during the winter and agreed to create a garden - which could be used by the whole community - from the unused plots next to the UACA clubhouse. It was clear that the project needed expertise and careful planning, so we asked our contractor, Whitings Landscapes for help.

Coincidentally, Whitings’ first office had been down the road in Handsworth, so the team welcomed the opportunity to get involved and started work clearing the weeds and brambles in the early spring. The site was cultivated and hard landscaping was installed, so that by May, the Prologis team could set to work on the garden. By the time we had planted flower beds, laid turf, built timber benches and a pergola, installed a signpost, walkways and fencing, the transformation was complete.

Team Prologis: Weary but proud after a hard day's work at Uplands allotments

As Tim Andrews, Chairman and Co-Founder of LoveBrum said: "When LoveBrum was just an idea, our vision was for our supporters to really getting their hands dirty, supporting our showcased projects not just with cash but with voluntary support. This initiative exemplifies this perfectly. It also shows that although it is a global business, Prologis cares about its local community."

The community garden really does seem to be a useful addition to the area. When I returned for the official opening in July, families were sitting on the grass sharing their picnics, children were playing and everyone was enjoying the new surroundings. But the last word should go to Mr Sagoo, Treasurer of the UACA, who said:

“First and foremost, I would like to thank Prologis and LoveBrum for their continued patience and support for this project. I personally think it looks amazing and will be a great attraction for users and visitors. A huge thank you to everyone involved - without you this project would still be only an idea.”

Prologis Impact Day 2017

Our efforts for the 5th annual Prologis Impact Day were captured on video. Watch it here and see the transformation for yourselves.