​Building to a deadline

Industry Trends

It can take years of work to make a site ready for construction. But we are happy to invest time, patience and expertise so that when a customer like Network Rail needs a building, we can deliver on time.

When Network Rail signed the deal for a new 300,000 square foot distribution centre at Prologis Park Ryton for its National Delivery Service, Stephen Dady explained why his team had decided to work with Prologis rather than with any of our competitors.

“Prologis was able to offer us a facility that met the requirements of our parts logistics operations,” he said. “Because planning permission was already in place, the building was ready to meet our timetable.”

For Network Rail – as for many other customers – timing was critical. The company was planning to consolidate its parts distribution services and the leases at its three existing warehouses were due to expire. The situation was urgent, but we could offer a solution - a building that would be complete and ready for fit-out within 10 months.

The Network Rail building was the first unit we built at Ryton. We had invested in the site infrastructure and we had already secured detailed planning permission for a 300,000 square foot distribution centre. This meant that we could start construction work as soon as the agreement was signed and the building completed on schedule.
Network Rail at Prologis Park Ryton

Need for Speed

As companies seek to increase efficiency by updating and reconfiguring their supply chain networks, they often need new facilities and there is an increasing demand for developers to work within tight deadlines. Fast delivery is often one of the essential criteria for a new logistics building and this means that the planning status of a site is a priority for many occupiers

A wide range of issues often need to be resolved before planning permission can be granted for a site and for some developers, the planning process can delay building delivery. Although some sites on the market can be described as ‘ready-to-go’, this has become a slippery term that can cover different degrees of readiness.

At Prologis, we are under no illusion that it can take several years - as well as considerable expertise and resources - to build the planning case for a site. But, we take a long-term view and we are prepared to make this investment. As a result, we have a good pipeline of sites with planning permission, including DIRFT (7.9m sq ft), the second phase of Prologis Park Pineham (1.1m sq ft), Prologis Park Wellingborough West (2.15m sq ft) and Prologis Park West London (273,000 sq ft).

So, when we tell customers like Network Rail that we can complete a building to meet a deadline, they can rest assured that we will deliver.