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Every year Prologis UK recruits an intern to work as part of the Market Officer team, but in 2015, we decided to expand the programme to include Project Management.

Both James Chester and Adrian Chaima joined us as interns last summer and they are now reaching the end of their time with Prologis. Here are their stories...

James Chester

James Chester is studying for a BSc Real Estate at Nottingham Trent University. He chose Nottingham Trent because the four year course includes a one year work placement. Having met members of the Prologis team at the Careers’ Fair, he accepted an internship as a trainee surveyor.

Everyone has been generous with their knowledge and this year has been excellent preparation not only for my final year at university, but also for my future career.

I want to help shape what’s to come.
When I started to think about my career I thought I wanted to be an architect. But I soon realised that what I really wanted was to be involved in the development of major sites, to help build the future. The best way to start in development is to train as a surveyor and from my first conversations with Prologis, I knew I would be working with like-minded people. We are a good fit.

Prologis is somewhere I wanted to be.
Whatever Prologis does, it does it properly and I have learned much more than I expected about many different aspects of development. I have been involved in land acquisition and planning applications through to legal negotiations, property management and marketing. Everyone has been generous with their knowledge and this year has been excellent preparation not only for my final year at university, but also for my future career.

My time here has surpassed my expectations.
You can learn the theoretical side of real estate at university, but I have been part of finding real solutions to difficult problems. Everyone on the team has their own specialism and working alongside people who are experts at what they do, I have probably picked up more than I realise.

The best part was working with my team.
The market officers immediately welcomed in into their team and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them. In fact, everyone across the company has been unfailingly friendly and they have always taken the time to help. I have never worked anywhere for as long as I have been at Prologis and I will be sad to leave.

I will take a bit of Prologis back into my final year.
My work over the past year has given me plenty of ideas for my dissertation and I will probably focus on an aspect of ecommerce development. But just as important, I hope take a piece of the Prologis culture back with me to university. I want to hold on to the ethos that has driven my work here and take it with me into the future.

Always say ‘yes’.
When the new intern starts, my advice will be to always say ‘yes’. Go to every meeting, every site visit. You never know what you will learn and you can never learn enough.


Adrian Chaima

Adrian Chaima is studying for a BSc in Construction Management at Nottingham Trent University.  This is a four year degree course that includes a year working in the construction industry.  Adrian was selected for an internship at Prologis UK.  He is the company’s first project management intern.

Everyone is so friendly and they always have time to discuss a problem or answer a question.

I knew I'd come to the right place.
I didn’t know anything about Prologis before I started looking for placements, but the project management internship sounded interesting, so I send in my CV. My first interview was on Skype. The next two were face-to-face at the Prologis head office in Solihull. As soon as I arrived for the first of these interviews I was impressed by how friendly and professional everyone was. I knew I could learn a lot here – and I have.

Working here has changed the way I see my career.
Both my parents work in construction and I decided to follow in their footsteps with a degree in construction management. During the first two years at university I spent some time working on site alongside construction managers, but until I came to Prologis I didn’t know that project management existed as a career. My experience at Prologis over the past year has shown me how varied and interesting the role of a project manager can be and this is definitely the path I want to follow.

They have trusted me to run my own projects.
I have worked on a wide range of different projects, which have given me a good insight into project managing industrial development. At Pineham, I managed a £500,000 archaeology contract, while at Ryton I was responsible for the design and construction of a nesting wall for sand martins. Then at Heathrow, I have been working through the end of defects process on the two final buildings with our customers - Adelie Foods and Gate Gourmet – and the main contractor, Buckingham Group.

Working here has really helped with my dissertation.
I have been working with project managers who are at the top of their game, so I have learned a great deal that I can take back with me to university. Prologis is leading the way in sustainable industrial development and I am very interested in looking further into this area, particularly the relationship between sustainable buildings and BREEAM accreditation.

The best part has been the people.
Everyone is so friendly and they always have time to discuss a problem or answer a question. Andy Griffiths, for example, was one of my interviewers and he sits round the corner from me.  By contrast, some of my friends on other placements have never even met their managing director.

Make the most of it.
When I finish my internship this summer, someone else will take my place and the best advice I can give is to take every opportunity. This is your placement, make the most of it.
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