How we work with communities

Strong working relationships

When we build Prologis Parks, we retain ownership of the buildings and the surrounding areas, which we maintain to a high standard. Our parks have become part of the local community and we do our best to be good neighbours

We build better developments by building stronger relationships
Creating lasting community benefits at Lilbourne Meadows

Part of the local area

We invest in our parks to make sure that they are attractive places to work and contribute to the local community. Most of the people who work at Prologis Parks live locally. We aim to make travelling to work easy and affordable with, for example, improved public transport or lift sharing schemes. 

Services that attract and retain staff and help Prologis parks become part of the local area

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Keen to understand

By listening to local people, we can often improve our parks and the amenities they offer. We aim to understand problems and we work in an open, trusted manner to develop solutions that serve the whole community.

We are keen to understand local people's priorities so we can work together

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Prologis Impact Day 2018

If ‘many hands make light work’ then imagine what 3,200 hands can do? That’s exactly the number of hands from Prologis’ offices across the globe that took part in Impact Day, the company’s annual day of service, on May 18th.

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To find out how we can help you, contact: Robin Woodbridge, Head of Midlands and North Markets or Paul Weston, Head of London and the South East Markets.

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