Prologis sponsors UK Logistics Conference

Press Release

At a time of unprecedented change for the logistics industry, Prologis has sponsored the UK Logistics Conference. Bringing together key figures from business, academia and government, the conference will examine the factors driving this change and its implications for the future of the industry.

The conference starts with an overview of global macroeconomic and geopolitical trends, before moving into:
  • A detailed discussion about the issues facing logistics operators in the UK and what they can do to prepare for the future
  • A debate on the labour market with speakers from across the public and private sectors discussing the skills the industry needs, what it needs to do to retain those skills and what the potential impact of automation is likely to be
  • A detailed look at what the future holds for infrastructure and how technology could react to increased pressure on the UK transport and power networks

We believe that it is cross-pollination and collaboration of this kind that will inspire new ideas and help us take logistics forward to meet the country’s future needs.

Andrew Griffiths, Prologis UK
The keynote speaker is futurist Ray Hammond, who takes a wide-ranging view of disruption and opportunity in the coming decades.