Prologis host technical visit at Marston Gate

Press Release

A week before practical completion, Prologis organised a technical visit to DC9 Prologis Park Marston Gate for members of the Industrial Agents’ Society (IAS). The 151,000 square foot building was pre-let to furniture retailer Dwell and from early February, it will be the company’s national distribution centre.

With 15 metres clear height, to provide maximum storage space, the building has been designed and constructed in line with the established Prologis methodology and is expected to receive BREEAM 2014 ‘excellent’ accreditation. The unit has already been awarded an EPC A (10) rating and in terms of energy efficiency, it has achieved significant improvements on Building Regulations.

“At DC9, we have cut operational carbon emissions by 40% in comparison with the 2013 Building Regulations,” explained Martin Cooper, Vice President, Prologis. “This means that we have reduced energy consumption – and costs – by 31% in comparison with a typical new build distribution centre.”

Prologis has achieved these efficiency levels by:
  • Reducing the need for energy with, for example, high levels of air-tightness and insulation along with rooflights to 15% of the warehouse roof area and offices designed to maximise natural light
  • Specifying energy-efficient systems, such as internal LED lighting with movement controls, daylight sensing and dimming; external LED lighting and high reflectivity cladding liner sheets that reduce the need for lighting
  • Including suitable low or zero carbon technologies into the building. For DC9, Prologis installed a 100kWp grid connected photovoltaic (PV) array and a rooftop solar thermal system to provide hot water for the offices. The PV array is expected to generate 92,300 kWhrs of electricity, saving in energy costs.

At DC9, we have cut operational carbon emissions by 40% in comparison with the 2013 Building Regulations

Martin Cooper, Prologis UK

To keep track of energy usage, Dwell will have a monitoring system complete with Smart Meters and EnergyDeck technology, which will allow the company to track and manage energy consumption from a PC or mobile device, helping to reduce waste and improve performance.

 “We are delighted that so many members of the IAS were able to join us at Marston Gate,” added Martin Cooper. “The construction programme has gone very well and we were glad to have an opportunity to explain how our buildings can help customers, like Dwell, achieve maximum operational efficiency.

Prologis has also mitigated the carbon embodied in the structure and fabric of the building by protecting 120 acres of endangered Amazonian rainforest through environmental charity Cool Earth.
IAS Technical Visit at Prologis Park Marston Gate