Cyclo-Cross at Prologis Park Kettering

Press Release

Around 400 cyclists will gather at Prologis Park Kettering on 19 November, when Kettering Cycling Club hosts round nine of the Central Cyclo-Cross League. The event will be held in Linear Park, the 90 acre country park that Prologis has created for the local community.

Cyclists of all ages will compete in a day of cyclo-cross races, riding laps around an off-road technical course. Races are timed and last from 10 minutes for the Under 10s to 40 minutes for the Under 18s and an hour for the seniors.
Cyclo-Cross event at Prologis Park Kettering

“It is tremendous to see so many people here and we hope that everyone enjoys the day.”

Chris Lewis, Prologis UK

“Linear Park is an ideal location for cyclo-cross,” said Mark Evans, Youth Development Officer at Kettering CC. “Not only does the park itself provide ideal terrain, but the cyclists can also change in the Kettering Kites pavilion, which is an invaluable facility.”

This month’s event will be the second that the Kettering CC has organised at Prologis Park for the Central Cyclo-Cross League. 

“The first event we held at Prologis Park Kettering was in January and this was a great success,” Mark Evans continued. “We are all looking forward to another memorable day later this month.”

“We are delighted to welcome Kettering CC and the Central Cyclo-Cross League to Prologis Park,” said Chris Lewis, First Vice President at Prologis.