Building sustainable supply chains

Sustainable Development

As a business, we are delighted to be supporting Prologis and its commitment to sustainability across its entire supply chain. We look forward to making significant improvements to our carbon footprint as we work with The Planet Mark throughout this programme to reduce our carbon emissions by 5% year on year.

David Green, Delta Planning

In 2008, Prologis became the first property company in the UK to measure, reduce and mitigate the carbon emissions embodied in the structure and fabric of its new buildings. Today, every new building we develop has its environmental sustainability officially certified by The Planet Mark and our commitment to environmental sustainability means we actively encourage our customers and supply chain to embark upon their own sustainability journey.
Since June 2018, we have required our supply chain to sign up to the Prologis Supply Chain Social Value Charter which positively encourages them to develop a Social Value Action Plan (SVAP), where they consider, demonstrate and measure their social value. A commitment to environmental initiatives, such as a reduction in carbon emissions, is a key part of the SVAP.
As part this commitment, our town planning and development consultancy supplier, Delta Planning, has recently gained its first certification under The Planet Mark scheme.
The Planet Mark was founded in 2013, in partnership with the Eden Project, and is awarded to businesses, properties, new developments and projects that are committed to reducing their carbon emissions.
As part of the certification process, The Planet Mark assessed and measured Delta Planning’s total carbon footprint and carbon footprint per employee; Delta Planning has committed to improving sustainability within its business and reducing its carbon footprint through a process of continuous improvement and a variety of stakeholder engagements.

The team at Delta Planning with their Planet Mark certification

Commenting on the achievement, David Green, Company Director, Delta Planning said, “We are delighted to have secured our first year’s certification to The Planet Mark.  This forms part of our commitment to minimise the impact of our business activities on the environment. It also aligns the business more closely to Prologis, and meets a commitment we made through the Prologis Supply Chain Social Value Charter to measure, and then seek to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Specific measures Delta Planning is taking to meet its 2019 targets include:

  • Reduction in paper use through the introduction of a minimal paper filing policy and a move towards a paperless office;

  • Reduction of single-use plastics throughout its operation;

  • Review of its office location to minimise staff travel by car and increase the use of public transport, lift share, cycling or walking to and from work;

  • Continue to offer highly flexible working practices and personalised contracts to minimise staff travel;

  • Engagement with its landlord to improve recycling facilities on the premises.

Each certification to The Planet Mark sees a direct contribution to the ongoing success of The Eden Project and award-winning charity, Cool Earth. Over the past decade, 44 Prologis developments have been certified, amounting to an overall reduction of over 260,000 tons of CO₂ and protecting 11,253 acres of rainforest in the Peruvian Amazon and Papua New Guinea.
Presenting the award, Steve Malkin, CEO and founder of The Planet Mark commented, “Towns and cities face the challenge of balancing social and economic demands with the need for long-term sustainability. Delta Planning recognises that it is essential for the architecture and planning industry to show leadership in sustainability, operate responsibly and give greater peace of mind to their clients. They are in a unique position to facilitate this. The company's commitment to reducing its carbon emissions in its operations and minimising its environmental impacts is to be applauded, along with Prologis’ proactive approach to driving sustainability within its supply chain. We are delighted to award Delta Planning The Planet Mark for the first time.”