Back to the future at Prologis Park Pineham

Sustainable Development

A lot has happened in the world of logistics and industrial buildings over the past ten years and, having just completed the refurbishment of two buildings which we originally built a decade ago, we reflect on the importance of building tomorrow’s technology into existing buildings. 

How do you refurbish a ten-year-old building so that it looks and performs better than some new comparative buildings on the market? Many refurbishment projects miss opportunities to reduce energy costs and deliver low carbon buildings; however, at Prologis UK, we are committed to improving the energy productivity, resilience and sustainability of every building we refurbish.

Our recent refurbishment of DC3 - a 372,284 square foot industrial logistics facility at Prologis Park Pineham – has produced an industrial logistics building which was originally completed in 2009 and now exceeds the energy efficiency requirements of the latest building regulations by 29%.

This improvement was only possible because, as the long-term owner of the buildings we develop, we design with the future in mind, including passive measures such as insulation, air tightness and daylighting to ensure that unnecessary energy usage is avoided. The result is a building which is setting new standards in this sector thanks to a state-of-the-art fit out which will enable the customer to save money from the first day of occupation.

Shining a light on energy efficiency

Lighting is usually the biggest energy cost within a logistics facility. Currently, 85% of our buildings operate on a 24-hour basis, which means lighting represents a significant cost for our customers. 

DC3 has been fitted-out with a motion sensitive LED lighting system which, thanks to its precise sensing capabilities, enables each LED light to automatically adjust its lumen output to provide exactly the right amount of light. This means that individual lights will automatically be dimmed when natural daylight is available, or when there is no movement within a given sector of the building, thereby reducing energy costs.

In addition, DC3 is the first industrial logistics building to be fitted with a wireless connected LED lighting system, which will enable the new occupier to view data on valuable information such as light level, occupancy movement and energy consumed on a dashboard which can be accessed from anywhere at any time. 

The installation of the latest specification LED lighting has helped improve the EPC asset rating for DC3 from A(25) to A(12) and this figure is even more impressive when you consider that a similar commercial property, built to current building regulations, would be expected to achieve an EPC rating of A(17).

Self-testing emergency lighting systems

Building owners and facilities managers must be able to prove that their emergency lighting systems are consistently working correctly and must maintain them in full working order. To ensure this, they would usually have to test each individual unit, keeping specific records of when it was tested - a time-consuming and costly task. 

Our newly refurbished building, DC3, benefits from a self-testing emergency lighting system which, thanks to the wireless connected lighting system, removes the need to manually test and record every emergency light fixture within a building.

Investing in the future

As long-term owners of the buildings we develop, we have a vested interest in building and maintaining the highest quality industrial logistics facilities. Our aim during refurbishment is to bring a building back to as close to ‘brand new’ as possible, incorporating as much of our current specification as we can. In addition to overhauling the internal office space, toilets and dock doors we also completely refurbish the warehouse floor – a critical component for any logistics operation.

We’re entering a new era for industrial logistics facilities: one where both we and our customers expect buildings to be far more than just a place to store goods. Today’s industrial logistics facilities are becoming smarter, greener and more interactive and, at Prologis UK, we endeavor to incorporate as much of this new technology as possible into our refurbished buildings.

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