An insight into Prologis

Press Release

September 19, 2016
Prologis, the leading UK provider of logistics and industrial property, has launched the Prologis Insight Programme. Designed for nearly or newly qualified surveyors, who have decided to specialise in the industrial sector, the programme is a series of workshops, which examine every stage of the development process from site acquisition and planning through to property management. 

“The main theme running through the Insight Programme is managing risk,” said Paul Weston, Senior Vice President at Prologis. “We explain the general principles of, for example, how we appraise and structure the risk involved in buying and servicing land. But we also look in detail at each phase, such as infrastructure delivery and discuss how we go about identifying and mitigating specific risks.”

The half-day workshops are divided into sessions led by experts on the Prologis development, project management and property management teams, who use recent examples of sites and buildings to explain the Prologis approach.

The Prologis Insight Programme is designed to show young agents how interesting and exciting our sector can be and to give them an understanding and enthusiasm that will help guide their future careers.

Andrew Griffiths, Prologis UK
“When I started work as a development surveyor in the 1980s, industrial agents were much more actively involved in deals than they are today,” said Andrew Griffiths, Managing Director of Prologis UK.

“Now that logistics property is mainstream it has become more corporate, which means that there is a closer relationship between the developer and the customer than there was 30 years ago. As a result, recently qualified industrial agents do not work as closely with developers and gain the same level of experience as they did in the past."