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Tesco at DIRFT II

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Tesco at DIRFT II

The Requirement

  • Tesco needed a facility that would allow it to consolidate and expand both its distribution capabilities and its rail freight operations.
  • The new facility had to support Tesco’s commitment to becoming a zero-carbon company by 2050.

The Solution

  • Having resolved the problem of rail access to the site, Prologis was able to offer Tesco an 18.77 hectare plot at DIRFT II and a pre-let deal was agreed for an 840,000 sq ft facility.
  • The building, which was completed in May 2011, comprises 785,000 sq ft of warehouse space, a 25,000 sq ft mezzanine and 30,000 sq ft of offices. It has 102 dock pods with 40 external scissor lifts and a 778-space multi-deck car park, linked to the main warehouse building by a 95m bridge.
  • The building has achieved BREEAM ‘Excellent’ certification and an EPC ‘A’ (CO2Index 23) rating, with operational carbon emissions at 36% lower than Building Regulations.
  • Prologis has measured and reduced the carbon embodied in the fabric and structure of the building and it has mitigated 29,387 tonnes of unavoidable CO2 emissions by investing in local community projects and by supporting the Cool Earth ‘avoided deforestation’ programme protecting 622 acres – almost a square mile - of Peruvian rainforest.
  • As well as an intermodal area with three rail lines, the scheme includes two 60m yards, while the concrete box tunnel under the A5 provides a rail link between DIRFT II and the original DIRFT development, giving Tesco the opportunity to consolidate the rail freight operations of its other locations elsewhere on DIRFT.
  • When fully operational, the facility will handle up to eight trains a day, taking almost 100,000 lorry journeys off the road every year. The modal shift will save around 14 million road miles and 19,600 tonnes of carbon emissions annually, a potential reduction in transport related carbon emissions of 46%.

The Result

  • The facility is helping Tesco to develop its operations, while at the same time supporting its commitment to becoming a zero-carbon company.
  • Each acre of Peruvian rainforest provides storage for 260t CO2e. On average an acre will also support six endangered mammals; 322 types of plants; 11,000 species of insects and 44 mature trees. Tony Fletcher, regional corporate affairs manager at Tesco said:

Not only does the new site provide the space we need to support the future growth of our grocery range; it also delivers major environmental benefits.