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  • BMW at Prologis Park Pineham
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Build to Suit

Designing the Building

All new Prologis buildings in the UK are designed to be sustainable and we measure environmental performance as follows:

Environmental certification

BREEAM All Prologis buildings achieve a minimum standard of BREEAM 2011 ‘Very Good’. EPC ratings will be the best possible for each building’s size and use.

Reduced operational carbon emissions

Prologis buildings are designed to minimise operational energy use to help our customers significantly reduce running costs and carbon emissions. The measures we take are as follows:

  • Designing out the need for energy
  • Specifying efficient plant for essential energy use
  • Working with customers to identify opportunities to implement appropriate low or zero carbon technologies

Mitigated embodied carbon emissions

Embodied carbon is measured as part of a Carbon Lifecycle Assessment in accordance with the BS EN ISO 14040 series of standards.

We mitigate unavoidable embodied carbon emissions by supporting environmental charity Cool Earth in their work to reduce tropical deforestation and sponsoring a range of local education or community projects.