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  • BMW building at Prologis Park Pineham

    BMW at Prologis Park Pineham

  • Hi Logistics building Prologis Park Ryton

    Hi Logistics at Prologis Park Ryton

  • M&S at Prologis Park Bradford

    M&S at Prologis Park Bradford

  • CGI aerial of Sainsbury's building at Prologis RFI DIRFT II

    Sainsbury's at Prologis RFI DIRFT II

Build to Suit

Prologis provides distribution and industrial buildings for many of the UK’s leading companies and it has earned a reputation for delivering high quality facilities at strategic locations across the country. Working with the customer through every step of the development process, Prologis ensures that its buildings are designed and constructed to meet each operator’s individual business requirements.

Traditionally Prologis has managed the whole development process, but the funding arrangements can be adapted to suit the customer. Prologis can work as the development manager or it can operate as a joint venture partner with customers, funding partners or land-owners.

As a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), Prologis takes a long-term interest in its buildings and the surrounding business parks. It pays close attention to the management of its property portfolio while maintaining close relationships with each of its customers.

If you would like further details of Prologis' build to suit approach talk to us on 0121 224 8700 or email